Now Access All Your Agent Portal Features on MediBuddy App

MediBuddy app

As a health insurance agent, you are an important partner to us who ensures that the Medi Assist advantage reaches our retail customers. We had created the MediBuddy agent portal exclusively for you to make your life simpler and empower you with all the information you need to serve your customers better.

We just made the features of the portal more accessible to you, through the MediBuddy app! Some of them include:

• The ability to create your own preferred login to access the portal
• Visibility into your customers and their policies. You can also know when their policies are due for renewal.
• Ability to obtain real-time status of your customers’ claims
E-card downloads for your customers anytime and from anywhere
• Map-based search to locate a preferred network hospital or ability to filter network hospitals by insurers
• Better data management of Medi Assist and non-Medi Assist customers.

All you need to do is download the MediBuddy app and sign in with your login credentials.

So, take advantage of the improved accessibility! And take control of your customers’ health benefits anytime and from anywhere.