MediBuddy App: Your World of Healthcare in Your Pocket

MediBuddy appAs a Medi Assist member, you already enjoy a host of benefits related to your health insurance and wellness on the MediBuddy portal – access to a wide range of network hospitals, hassle-free cashless hospitalization, seamless claims reimbursement submissions, online health records, an option to order medicines, access to comprehensive health check packages, and more.

How would it be if you were able to carry all these features in your pocket? The MediBuddy app helps you do exactly that.

The MediBuddy mobile app is a powerful self-help tool, which helps you access a wide range of information in real-time on your smartphone, making it your true health buddy in times of planned or emergency hospitalization. The app, available for Android, iOS and Windows smartphone, allows you to access the following:

  • Policy coverage and benefits, contact information, e-cards and so on.
  • Cashless claim procedures, network hospitals, claim status and so on before/during hospitalization.
  • Reimbursement claims procedure, claim status, feedback and more after hospitalization.

So, pocket your health buddy! And manage your healthcare benefits on the go!