MediBuddy, your very own Health Buddy!

Are you still using the old, tedious methods to manage your health insurance benefits? Thousands of people across the country are enjoying the comfort and convenience of MediBuddy; it is time YOU switched too!

The MediBuddy app, is a powerful self-help tool that not only helps you manage your health insurance benefits, but also helps you reduce the overall cost of healthcare for yourself and your family. It gives you access to a host of benefits related to your health insurance and wellness.

With the MediBuddy app, you can access the following convenient features anytime, anywhere, on-the-go :

  • Explore details of your Policy
  • Enrol yourself and your beneficiaries under your policy
  • Plan your hospitalization and obtain a provisional preauthorization even before the date of hospitalization through eCashless
  • Raise and manage claims online in a hassle-free way
  • Track your claims in real time
  • Locate network hospitals through a GPS based search
  • View and download e-cards on-the-go

MediBuddy also allows you to access Infiniti – your Curated Network of Outpatient Services, where you can select, compare and book your preferred outpatient service from exhaustive listings of specialist doctors, trusted diagnostic centres and hospitals.

Here are the services that you can access through Infiniti:


Comprehensive packages, at attractive rates!


Prescription medicines at discounted rates, home delivered!


A specialist for your every medical need, just a click away!


Superior medical care, at the comfort of your home!


Consult with a specialist over phone!


Specialist doctors, to help you in your times of doubt!


Understand your health, right from the genome level!

Explore these features for yourself!

Download the MediBuddy app today by clicking these links.




Or visit You can also give a missed call on 1800 3010 1696 and we’ll send the download link to your phone.

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Plan your Healthcare Costs in Advance, with MediBuddy

You wouldn’t buy a car or a laptop without comparing prices and shopping around. So, why should it be any different for something as critical as health care?

Just like with any other commodity or service, the price for quality health care can vary and depend upon various factors; the medical centre and the services offered often being the most important ones. For instance, some hospitals may charge much more than what you would expect at other locations for the same treatment. This can affect your finances, even if you have planned in advance and are insured. It therefore makes good sense to compare your options before opting to undergo treatment at a particular hospital.

While it is beneficial to know what a procedure might cost you, you may also be interested in comparing one healthcare facility with another in terms of the service offering and facilities. But while you can zero-in on your car or laptop by comparing a range of parameters through various online portals, reliable information on healthcare services and medical treatments may not always be as easily available.

With MediBuddy, the technology platform from Medi Assist, you can conveniently get insights into the expected cost of treatment at a network hospital of your choice, that too with just a couple of taps on your smartphone! Through the GPS-based network search feature on MediBuddy, not only can you search for the network hospital nearest to you along with the required speciality, but you can also discover the hospital packages available at your chosen hospital and explore the costs for various treatments and procedures.

So go ahead and lay your worries to rest! Make informed decisions on  your medical expenditure, with MediBuddy!

Yet to explore MediBuddy?  Sign up now on to activate your account.

Download the MediBuddy app today and experience a world of convenience at your fingertips!

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Leveraging technology for planned hospitalization through eCashless

Today, anything from booking a flight, to ordering your favourite meal or a family vacation can be achieved with just a couple of taps on your smartphone. Technology has significantly redefined consumer experience, and the time is ripe to leverage technology to enable the same experience within the health benefits industry.

India’s healthcare insurance segment remains mostly an untapped market for new technologies. The current procedures for filing an insurance claim are still done manually, where patients get physical copies of reports, scan them and then upload them. This coupled with the agony of leaving your unwell relatives unattended while you wait at the hospital insurance desk make the claims procedure seem like a huge hassle. This apart, there is also a lot of anxiety about the estimated cost of treatment, availability of a preferred room type and the out-of-pocket expenses that the family would have to incur.

Third party administrators (TPAs) act as a channel between the insurer and the insured and attempt to make these crucial touch-points as customer-friendly as possible; and technology plays a significant role in realising this goal. The key to consumer satisfaction during hospitalisation lies in encouraging members to plan their hospitalisation with as much ease as possible.

With MediBuddy, the health benefits portal and app, Medi Assist is already at the forefront of a technological transformation within the health benefits industry. We are leveraging technology to help customers choose convenience over concern, with future forward offerings such as eCashless.

The eCashless feature, available on the MediBuddy app and portal, has several advantages over the regular cashless admission procedure:

  • It eliminates all wait-time associated with standing in queues at the hospital insurance desk on the day of admission to get approval for cashless admission
  • It helps you to obtain a provisional preauthorization with just a couple of clicks from the comfort of your home or office
  • eCashless gives visibility into the estimated cost of treatment ahead of the date of admission, which means that you can plan your out-of-pocket costs in advance
  • You can also choose your preferred type of room

eCashless, in essence, enables patient choice, better cost of care, green channel admission, visibility into costs and optimal use of health benefits. Explore the eCashless feature on MediBuddy today!

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Stay Healthy and Safe, even at your Workplace

Have you been ignoring that backache for long?

That, unfortunately, is the story with most of us! We suffer day in and day out from seemingly common ailments that compound over-time and become full-blown diseases before we even begin to realize it. Studies have shown that, barring some cases, most diseases start out with mild yet determinable symptoms which we tend to ignore. This ignorance stems from the frantic pace of our lives, leaving us no time to spare to tend to our medical ailments, while also encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle and poor dietary choices.

Even when we do decide to consult with a specialist, there is the issue of time off from work, sometimes for multiple follow up visits with the doctor, which may not find favour with most corporate set ups.

Keeping the paucity of time in our lives into perspective, Medi Assist brings medical convenience and comfort right into your workplace – with the MediClinic, which is the Occupational Health Centre by Medi Assist.

The MediClinic provides professional medical help to employees on campus. It not only helps in administering medical services but significantly enhances employee productivity while optimizing costs on medical care.

The general services provided at the MediClinic include medical manpower in the form of doctors and nurses for the primary care of onsite injuries, ambulance and life support services for advanced care, medicines and equipment, bio-medical waste management and internal audits.

The MediClinic is also equipped with the MediClinic software, which allows our personnel to capture valuable data such as walk-in details and medicines prescribed to the patient. Employees can also access the information pertaining to these walk-ins on MediBuddy which can be accessed either from the portal or app.

So go ahead, get your workplace equipped with the MediClinic, and experience professional medical care right in your campus!

MediBuddy and Uber get you to your closest Network Hospital in a jiffy!

The powerful GPS based network hospital search feature has proven to be of great convenience to the users of MediBuddy! It is aptly addressing the need for searching for the closest hospital that falls within the insurer network.

With an enhancement of the network search feature, we have made it even more convenient for you to reach your network hospital destination quickly and easily – along with searching for your nearest hospital, you can now also book an Uber cab from within the app!

And that’s not all! Through the network search feature, you can also discover the hospital packages available at your chosen hospital and explore the cost for various treatments and procedures to get an idea of the estimated cost of treatment. What’s more, here you can also intimate eCashless and check the availability of doctors.

Here is how you can use the network search feature:

  • Login to MediBuddy with your credentials
  • Go to ‘Network hospitals’
  • Look for network hospitals in the vicinity by using a GPS based search
  • Choose your preferred hospital
  • Click ‘View Hospital Profile’ to view the hospital packages and cost of various treatments and procedures
  • Look for the button at the bottom of the screen showing details of your closest Uber cab with estimated time of arrival and price.
  • Click this button to automatically navigate to the Uber app. The pickup and drop locations are picked up automatically by the system.
  • Confirm the booking.

Once you click the ‘Confirm’ button, your Uber cab will arrive at your pick-up location at the estimated time of arrival and take you to your chosen network hospital.

So, the next time you have an emergency, you can act quickly and with confidence! Find a network hospital closest to you and get your loved ones immediate medical attention.

Yet to explore MediBuddy?  Sign up now on to activate your account.

Download the MediBuddy app today and experience a world of convenience at your fingertips!


Electronic Health Records – The Smart Choice

The human body functions in mysterious ways, and often chooses to malfunction when you are least prepared! Picture a time when you were at work and felt the need to see a doctor immediately; you wouldn’t have the time or energy to go all the way back home to pick up any test reports or previous medical records. In such a situation, wouldn’t it be great if you could maintain a repository of all your important documents at one place, online, which you could access from anytime, anywhere, on the move?

With the Online Repository on MediBuddy, you are able to do just that, and much more! You can upload your prescriptions, test reports and other related medical records onto the repository and get 24×7 access to your Electronic Health Records from wherever you are! You also have the added advantage of never misplacing another important document again!

How does it work on MediBuddy?

  • Visit and sign into your account.
  • Click the ‘Records’ tile
  • Take individual pictures of each of your medical records and upload them onto the secured digital repository.
  • Access your records anytime, anywhere from the MediBuddy portal or app

Switch to a smart way of maintaining your health records.
Sign up now if you still haven’t activated your account on MediBuddy and download the MediBuddy app today!

A fresh new feel to MediBuddy, now on the App Store!

Just a few months ago, we had informed you about the new and improved version of MediBuddy, which had been made available for the Android platform.

This new version of MediBuddy is now also available for the iOS platform!

Apart from an enhanced look and feel, you will now enjoy a host of additional features such as:

  • Notifications on your phone – to keep you informed of the status of your claims and other important information, even when you are not using the app or your device.
  • Dynamic search for network hospitals on the map – to allow you to click anywhere on the map to locate a hospital. Learn more
  • Offline mode – which lets you download and access your e-card.
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) – which can be viewed in the offline mode.
  • In-app capability to take pictures – which lets you upload your prescriptions and other documents to the Online Repository in an instant.
  • Ability to change your password – to ensure safety of your account.

If you are an existing MediBuddy user, your app will be automatically upgraded!

Navigate through the new and improved MediBuddy app today, and revel in the experience of an upgrade!

Don’t have the MediBuddy app yet? Download it today from the App Store!

Delighting our Customers, Always!

It surely is the best feeling when you get that little extra that adds value to you, especially when it comes to you at no extra cost! We understand our customers and stakeholders, and are constantly on the look-out for ways and means to delight them every step of the way. This is why we have a slew of services that are aimed at maximizing convenience for you! With a ‘tech and touch’ approach, we mould every offering to empower you with self-help to help you make informed healthcare decisions.

Below are some of our services that have been especially crafted for you, and, with a commitment to continue delighting our customers, we keep adding to the list whenever we come up with something even better for you!



011_MediBuddy App


016_Online Enrolment






020_Network Hospital Search


018_Claims Process


017_Claims Tracking


019_Claims Reimbursement




010_MediBuddy Infiniti


012_MediBuddy Infiniti 2


013_MediBuddy Infiniti 3


014_MediBuddy Infiniti 4






003_Care Rangers




022_Occupational Health Centre




006_8 Languages

10 Early Signs of Diabetes that you shouldn’t Ignore

Each one of us, who is reading this, has or knows someone who has diabetes.

That is just about how common this disease has become. Diabetes was, up until recently, associated with elders, and the number of cases were not as many. At present, diabetes affects more that 7% of the adult Indian population and is reported in ages as young as 35. Diabetes is manageable, but if not detected in time, and without proper treatment, the ailment can prove to be fatal. Awareness is the key to helping people understand the disease and recognize its symptoms.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus, or more commonly, diabetes, is a condition where the body cannot maintain normal blood sugar levels. It occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin or when the body does not respond normally to insulin, which is a hormone that helps to control blood sugar levels.

How does it impact our health?

When blood sugar levels rise, they can lead to serious health problems like heart disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy), infections/poor healing of wounds, and a lower sex drive.

What are the symptoms of Diabetes?

Most symptoms of diabetes are very generic and are therefore unrecognizable at first glance. Here is a list of the most common symptoms that should make you head straight for a Diabetes health check:

  1. Frequent urination
  2. Increased thirst
  3. Weight loss
  4. Increased hunger
  5. Unexplained weakness or fatigue
  6. Blurry vision
  7. Nausea and vomiting
  8. Numbness or tingling of the feet
  9. Frequent infections
  10. Vaginal discharge or itching in young girls

Having mentioned the above, there have also been instances where diabetes has been detected without having shown any symptoms. Diabetes is a genetic disease, and it therefore becomes very important for a person with a family history of diabetes to regularly get checked for the ailment, even if no symptoms show up.

MediBuddy Infiniti gives you the power to explore and book various diabetes health check packages at your preferred medical center and at your preferred day and time. Here are simple steps to book a diabetes health check package:

  1. Log into
  2. Click the ‘Health Check’ tile
  3. Enter your location and category as ‘Diabetes’. You will get a list of diabetes health check packages at various trusted hospitals and centers.
  4. Book your appointment at your preferred day and time.
  5. Make a payment via a range of convenient payment options

What’s more? MediBuddy Infiniti provides all of these packages at discounted rates!
The more we know about our health, the more power we have to change our lives.

So go ahead, visit today and book your diabetic health check package.

Your Doctor is Just a Call Away!

Online Cons

When you are pressed for time, visiting a doctor can seem impossible. But with Online Consultation, you can get in touch with a specialist over a call, at your preferred date and time, from anywhere!

Don’t ignore your ailment anymore! Just follow these simple steps:

  • Log onto with your credentials.
  • Click the ‘Online Consultation’ tile.
  • In the text box, type in your preferred service or pick from a wide range of specialities from the drop-down.
  • Select your preferred appointment date and time.
  • Click ‘Schedule Now’.
  • Make a payment via a range of convenient payment options.
  • You will receive a confirmation call from our vendor within 10 minutes.
  • A call will be made by the doctor on the selected date and time.

Note: A minimum of 30 minutes is required to process a request. So do book your appointment in advance!

Go ahead and enjoy the convenience of an Online Consultation on MediBuddy Infiniti!