Medi Assist receives Leadership Award

Rajasthan-awardMedi Assist received the Leadership Award at the Healthcare Summit held at Jaipur on 23d September 2016. The prestigious award was presented by Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste, Govt.of Rajasthan and was received by Prashant Jhaveri, Head Products and Strategy, Medi Assist.

Tech and Touch Redefine the Future of Healthcare

IIFL-PostIn a recent interview with IIFL, Prashant Jhaveri, Head Products and Strategy, Medi Assist, spoke about how the future of healthcare is being redefined with the use of technology and the role of Medi Assist in making this possible. Here is an excerpt on what he had to share.

“Our award-winning technology platform, MediBuddy, provides a range of tools that empower every stakeholder in the healthcare ecosystem. The MediBuddy portal and mobile app help members access and manage their healthcare needs online, in real-time and on the go.

Hospitals use our MediBuddy+ portal to manage all cashless claims, from origination to settlement, online and in real-time. MediBuddy+ also allows medical centres to manage the booking and scheduling of wellness services, such as health checks, online.

The MIS reporting and analytics capabilities of MediBuddy allow decision makers to make informed choices and effectively manage their healthcare portfolio.”

To read the complete interview, click here.

Medi Assist E-card: Your Online Identity Card

Getting hospitalized? Or any of your dependents getting admitted to the hospital? Then carrying a Medi Assist e-card is absolutely mandatory. It identifies that you and your dependents are insured under a health insurance policy and Medi Assist has been assigned as your third party administrator (TPA).

But carrying a physical card has its limitations. A physical card identifies only one person in the family. Also, the family member getting admitted to the hospital may forget to carry the physical card with them during the time of admission. Moreover, why even carry a physical card with you when you can carry an e-card?

Your Medi Assist e-card allows you to carry the details of all your policy’s beneficiaries on your smartphone. All you have to do is to show your e-card on the MediBuddy app when requested at the insurance desk at the time of admission. Watch the video to know how you can do this.

Maintaining Your Health Records Made Easy With MediBuddy

You know that maintaining your health records such as doctor’s prescriptions, health screen reports, scans and test reports, and hospital discharge summaries is extremely important for your future reference. So, you put all your records in a file and put it away in a safe place.

But there are several drawbacks associated with this. One drawback is that you need to be highly organized without which, you may misplace a record or file. This means, the next time you want to retrieve it, you may not be able to find it. Another problem is that physical records and files deteriorate over time. All these may prove costly in critical times. And then, there is the problem of carrying these bulky records with you every time you need to visit a doctor or a lab for a scan.

You can now say goodbye to these problems. MediBuddy, your health buddy, helps you maintain all your health records at one safe and secure place. Not only this, but you can access these records anytime, anywhere and never lose them again.

Here is how it works

• Go to your MediBuddy online portal, click on the ‘Records’ tile and sign into your account.

• Upload all the records onto the secured digital repository. In order to scan the documents, simply take a picture of them.

• Whenever you need to view or download any of these records, sign in or just enter your details to access them through the MediBuddy portal or app.

So, switch to a secure and efficient way of storing your health records and accessing them anytime, from anywhere. Watch the video know how simple storing and retrieving records is with

agent portal new feature

Say Hello to Better Data Management with Agent.MediBuddy


agent portal new featureAt Medi Assist, we constantly work towards enhancing the user experience for our customers and healthcare partners. Keeping this in mind, a few months ago, we gave you insurance agents a whole new transformed MediBuddy portal with improved features.

We have now gone one step further to make life easier for you. Till now, you have maintained the data of your customer policies handled by Medi Assist on the MediBuddy agent portal while maintaining data of non-Medi Assist customers on other data management platforms. We have now made it possible for you to maintain the details of all your customers and their policies on the agent portal. And this includes policies that are not administered by Medi Assist. This means that you no longer need to use multiple data management tools to maintain your customer data.

What’s more? You can also set reminders to stay updated about the upcoming policy renewals of your customers.

Our improved agent portal also enables you to:

  • Create your own preferred login to access your MediBuddy’s features.
  • Gain visibility into your customers and their policies
  • Get real-time status of your customers’ claims.
  • Instantly download e-cards for any of your customers anytime from anywhere, and
  • Use our map-based search to locate a preferred network hospital in your vicinity or filter network hospitals by insurers.

So, what are you waiting for? Log into your MediBuddy portal today and start maintaining all your customer records on one platform, specifically designed for you!

Medi Assist Wins CIO100 2016 Award

CIO100Medi Assist is the proud recipient of CIO100 award for the year 2016, often referred to as the ‘Oscar of the IT industry’ under the category ‘Information Mastermind’. This is recognition of MediBuddy as a revolutionary technology platform that revolutionizes the health insurance industry. The award was received by Himanshu Rastogi, CIO – Medi Assist.

Here is an excerpt from our project submission to CIO awards:

“MediBuddy is a revolutionary technology platform that transforms the health insurance industry at the very core. MediBuddy, with its diverse offerings for various stakeholders of the health benefits industry, makes the process of discovering, accessing, utilizing and monitoring health benefits seamless, real-time and virtually paperless. Here are some notable features of MediBuddy:

  1. Members can sign-up for MediBuddy with a username / password of their own choice. They can then access, raise, manage and track their claims in real-time using both the MediBuddy portal as well as the mobile app.
  2. Members can opt for eCashless on MediBuddy to obtain a provisional preauthorization from the comfort of their homes using their mobile app. Not only does eCashless eliminate all wait time and anxiety at the time of hospitalization, it also gives members full visibility into their cost of care and out-of-pocket expenses so members can plan all aspects of their hospitalization better.
  3. Particularly useful in the case of emergency hospitalization, members can use the GPS-enabled network hospital search to locate hospitals within their insurer network in their vicinity.
  4. Hospitals can use the MediBuddy platform to manage all cashless claims, from origination to settlement, online and in real-time. No more illegible faxes or emails; patients can now get their preauthorization much faster.
  5. With the ability to raise claims online and save all documents in digital format, MediBuddy makes the entire lifecycle of health benefits virtually paperless by saving all records on the cloud. Members can access records anytime, anywhere, and on-the-go – and forever.”

Medi Assist Gets Listed On CIO Review India

CIO review image

Medi Assist Group has got listed on CIO Review India as one of the top ‘20 most promising medical technology solution providers 2016′ – an excellent validation of our technology platform, MediBuddy.

The September issue of the magazine carries a detailed article on how MediBuddy platform caters to our customers as well as various stakeholders. For example, the MediBuddy portal and app, our tech-based self-help tools help our customers avail cashless hospitalization, raise claims effortlessly and enjoy a host of other features designed exclusively to make healthcare actionable. The MediBuddy+ portal helps healthcare providers manage healthcare benefits from their end.

The article also talks about how Medi Assist plans to enable the MediBuddy platform to morph into a one-stop gateway for all healthcare needs of an individual.

Click the following link to read the complete article on Page 32 of the magazine


Namaskaram! Your Medi Assist Website Is Now Available in Malayalam

MediAssist Malayalam Website LaunchHealth benefits of an insurance policy are often a complex matter to comprehend, but it is something that everyone in the family should be aware of. It therefore, becomes imperative that everyone, including the senior members of the family, the rural sector and those benefiting from government schemes be approached in their own preferred language and native tongue. Keeping this in perspective, we already have a multi-lingual website. We are now proud to announce that we have added yet another popular language to our list.

Medi Assist is happy to announce the launch of our Malayalam website. The website was jointly launched by senior members of the insurance industry, Mr. John Philip, New India Assurance; Mr. K Jothinathan, Oriental Insurance; Mr. Abhijit Chattopadhyay, National Insurance; and Mr. V. Ramachandran, United India Insurance, alongside Dr. Vikram Chhatwal, CEO and Chairman, Medi Assist, in Kochi. The Malayalam version of the website can be explored by clicking the following link.

Stay tuned, as we add more languages and say hello to you in one of your own!

Your Health Buddy Just Got A Make-over!

MB app playstoreYour very own MediBuddy app, that lets you manage your health benefits and wellness with ease, now has a new and upgraded version available on the Google Play Store! Apart from an enhanced look and feel, you will now enjoy a host of additional features such as:

  • Notifications on your phone – which keeps you informed of the status of your claims and other important information, even when you are not using the app or your device
  • Dynamic search for network hospitals on the map – which allows you to click anywhere on the map to locate a hospital
  • Use the app in offline mode – which lets you download and access your e-card, as well as the entire document repository
  • Take a picture directly from the app – to allow you to upload your prescriptions and other documents in an instant
  • Ability to change your password – to ensure safety of your account
  • Auto-upgrade for existing MediBuddy users – our promise of convenience holds true!

Navigate through the new and improved MediBuddy app today, and revel in the experience of an upgrade!

Don’t have the MediBuddy app yet? Download it today from the Google Play Store.

Stay tuned for more information on the exciting new features.

Blending Tech, Touch & Intelligence to Deliver on All Fronts of Healthcare

Prashant Jhaveri, Head, Products and Strategy, Medi Assist Healthcare Services recently wrote an article for the Business World magazine in which he discussed how TPAs are transforming from being just organizations that process  laims, into partners who help organizations solve for all realms of healthcare. He also discussed how organizations can choose a TPA partner who delivers on all fronts of healthcare– cost, excellence, insights and customer experience.

Scroll down to read the complete article, or click here.

“In many ways, Third Party Administrators (TPAs) are slowly stepping out from the shadows into a healthcare industry that is at the cusp of transformation.

Responsible for processing claims of the insured on behalf of the insurer, TPAs have for long ensured that stakeholders in the healthcare industry concentrate on their core competencies – insurers on underwriting risks and product innovation; medical care providers on enabling high quality of care; and corporate HR on elevating employee experience.

In recent years, TPAs have transformed into being much more than just an organization that manages claims; they are increasingly donning the role of a partner who helps organizations solve for all realms of healthcare and also makes health benefits actionable to their largely young and tech-savvy employee base.

If you are a corporate decision maker, choosing the right TPA can significantly impact the bouquet of services you offer to your people, the cost at which you make these available to them and also the employee experience you enable for them.

While cost has traditionally been the most important parameter applied to evaluate a TPA, in today’s day and age, your choice must be driven by many other aspects. Here is a contemporary guide to choosing a TPA partner who can help you deliver on all fronts – cost, excellence, customer experience and insights.


Choose a TPA who understands and leverages the power of technology. Adopting a technology-first approach to claims management can go a long way in maximizing productivity and minimizing inefficiencies. Your TPA should be capable of empowering your employees with self-help tools to independently access their e-cards and policy details, raise and track claims online, and access benefits on-the-go using their mobile phones.

Technology-oriented innovations like eCashlessTM can today give employees the ability to “book” a cashless hospitalization using a mobile app and reduce wait time at the hospital during admission by as much as 95 per cent.

The customer experience enabled during cashless hospitalization is a true litmus test for a TPA. TPAs who are able to leverage technology to simplify the process of choosing an ideal network hospital and also systematically reduce the time taken to process a preauthorization request would pass the litmus test with flying colours.


Choose a TPA who appreciates the fact that the magic of the human connect is irreplaceable. From enabling access to a predictable customer support and governance structure, to constantly engaging with your employees at various junctures of their healthcare lifecycle, TPAs must have the ability to truly touch every life they service.

At Medi Assist, we leverage two innovative consumer touch points at two opposite ends of the spectrum. With our CareRangers program, we check on the well-being of our members by their bedside at the hospital when the family in the throes of a medical emergency. On the other end of the spectrum is ChampCamp, our high-energy onsite event that has helped us create awareness about health benefits among more than 50,000 Gen Y professionals in less than one year.


Your TPA must demonstrate a deep understanding of their core operations – claims management – and also a willingness to constantly evolve with the rapidly changing world around them. Building robust systems that increase process accuracy and scalability, and adopting industry best practices such as paperless processing, digital receipt and storage of documents, real-time access, analytics, etc., can be significant differentiators for TPAs today.

Fraud and abuse control are a natural extension of strong operations. Your TPA must adopt the right blend of technology, to automatically flag suspicious activities, and people, whose timely intervention can safeguard the interests of all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Couple these with the need to demonstrate full knowledge of regulatory norms, and compliance with statutory regulations and audit practices, and you have a TPA whom you can rely on to manage your health benefits conscientiously.


Partner with a TPA who empowers you to control and channelize your health spend effectively. TPAs have always been instrumental in reducing overall cost of care by enabling cashless hospitalization at preferred tariffs. TPAs are also entrusted with generation of MIS reports to evaluate adherence to SLAs.

Your TPA must go one step further to help you analyse your portfolio and give you actionable insights – top ailments where your benefits are being spent, demographical contribution, year-on-year movement of incurred claims ratio (ICR) and, importantly, predictive analysis that can help you design your benefits programs effectively in the coming years.

Clearly, the role of a TPA has morphed in recent years – and interestingly, this transformation is led by the growing needs of your growing organization and the demands of your savvy employees. Let’s welcome this paradigm shift and prepare for a future where employee delight hinges as much on experience as it does on cost and other traditional parameters – with a TPA and an insurer partner who share your vision and can match your pace of growth”.