Making Affordable Healthcare A Reality in Tamil Nadu


Nothing can be more fulfilling for us, both an institution as well as individuals, than contributing towards nation-building. Medi Assist takes great pride in partnering with Central and State Governments to administer medical benefits under a range of welfare programs for the citizens of India.

The following blog series gives you a brief insight of our collaboration with various state governments to make the dream of affordable healthcare a reality.

As part of our endeavor to make healthcare more accessible and affordable in the country, Medi Assist feels proud to be a partner to the Government of Tamil Nadu in the administration of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (TNCMCHIS), a scheme launched by the late Honorable Chief Minister, J. Jayalalitha, that has given millions of families in the state the gift of timely, convenient and cashless medical care.

Our journey in a nutshell

We commenced administering the TNCMCHIS scheme in 2012 and have consistently elevated our performance and levels of engagement over the years. Our systematic approach, with strong local presence and connect, has helped us steadily increase our outreach to the scheme’s beneficiaries across the state. Here are some key highlights of our work with the Government of Tamil Nadu.

• We have touched over 170 lakh lives and have processed over 6 lakh claims till date. We have a maintained a track record of swift claim approvals. More than 80 per cent of all preauthorization requests are approved within 6 hours and 65 per cent of all claims are settled within 3 days from the date of receipt.
• Timely preventive care goes a long way in attempting to reduce the cost of medical care. In a bid to optimize the cost of care, we have assisted the state government in conducting over 970 health camps, 780 special health camps and over 440 mega health camps all across the state.
• The floods in Chennai caused unprecedented havoc. Medi Assist played an active role in the rehabilitation of the affected families by conducting over 2,060 special flood health camps. We screened 1.11 lakh people and referred several thousands of them for further treatment.
• Our efforts have been recognized and commended. Medi Assist was conferred the prestigious “Best Practicesaward by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 2014 for the implementation of the scheme. We have also received over 25 other awards and appreciation certificates from various stakeholders.

Here are a few highlights of our journey together:

Target population: Families with annual income of less than Rs. 72,000
Sum Insured (Rs): Rs. 1 lakh/family/annum
Districts allocated: 10
Families covered: 50 lakh
Lives covered: 170 lakhs

The Tamil Nadu government is one of the governments we are pleased to work with. Stay tuned to read more about our association with other state governments in our upcoming blogs.

Affected by Demonetization? Opt for Cashless Medical Care with Medi Assist

ecashless-medibuddy-2The eCashless service from Medi Assist was recently covered by Business World. The article discussed how in times of demonetization, Medi Assist members can still avail all services covered under their health benefits policy in a cashless format. Here is an excerpt from the article.

“Medi Assist, a managed care organization, is helping millions of Indians ease the burden of managing medical expenses by making them cashless. The recent demonetization of high value notes, and the ongoing currency crunch in urban and rural areas alike, has left many Indian families worried about their immediate and imminent medical spend.

Medi Assist is making it possible for members to conveniently schedule their preferred medical service online using their MediBuddy mobile app and, importantly, availing all services covered under their health benefits policy in a cashless format”.

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Opt for a Speedy Reimbursement with Medi Assist

You are just about to be discharged from a recent hospitalization at a non-network hospital and you now plan to raise a reimbursement claim for your hospital expenses.

However, claiming a medical reimbursement for hospitalization may not be a straightforward task as there may be challenges involved in processing your claims. For example, there may be times when you may be required to submit additional documents and additional information on the treatment, which means sending multiple couriers. Moreover, the claim processing begins only after all your documents have been received in full, hence taking a longer duration to process your claims.

How would it be if you could enjoy a faster settlement of your reimbursement claim? Would it reduce your worries? Medi Assist can help you in doing this. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps.

1. Notify us in advance of your upcoming claim. This will help us be ready for your incoming claim.

2. Upload your documents online. We will check if we have received all the required documents and intimate you in case of any missing/additional documents that may be required so that you can upload them and avoid sending couriers multiple times. Medi Assist will also begin the process of settling your claims as soon as you upload all the documents on MediBuddy.

3. Send us the hard copy of all your bills and documents within 15 days from the date of discharge, as claims can be settled only upon receipt and validation of the hard copies.

So, fast-track your claim reimbursement process today! Watch the above video to know more.

ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ! Your Medi Assist Website Is Now Available in Kannada

Kannada websiteAs stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem of a diverse and multilingual country as India, we at Medi Assist understand the importance of communication and believe in reaching out to the masses. More often than not, communicating in one’s mother tongue is what proves to be the ice-breaker and helps one connect with people. Keeping this in perspective, we already have a multi-lingual website.

Medi Assist is now proud to announce that we have added yet another popular language to our list. Our website is now available in Kannada. The Kannada website was launched by Dr. S. Chiranjeevi Reddy, Dy. General Manager, The New India Assurance Co. Ltd in Bangalore.

You can now explore the Kannada website by clicking the following link:

MediBuddy App: Your World of Healthcare in Your Pocket

MediBuddy appAs a Medi Assist member, you already enjoy a host of benefits related to your health insurance and wellness on the MediBuddy portal – access to a wide range of network hospitals, hassle-free cashless hospitalization, seamless claims reimbursement submissions, online health records, an option to order medicines, access to comprehensive health check packages, and more.

How would it be if you were able to carry all these features in your pocket? The MediBuddy app helps you do exactly that.

The MediBuddy mobile app is a powerful self-help tool, which helps you access a wide range of information in real-time on your smartphone, making it your true health buddy in times of planned or emergency hospitalization. The app, available for Android, iOS and Windows smartphone, allows you to access the following:

  • Policy coverage and benefits, contact information, e-cards and so on.
  • Cashless claim procedures, network hospitals, claim status and so on before/during hospitalization.
  • Reimbursement claims procedure, claim status, feedback and more after hospitalization.

So, pocket your health buddy! And manage your healthcare benefits on the go!

Ordering Medicines Made Simple with MediBuddy

Falling sick or encountering a medical condition which requires treatment is a regular part of life. And with treatment comes prescription medicines which you tend to buy from a nearby medical store. But there may be a possibility that the medical store may have run out of the drugs. There is also no guarantee that the store may have an alternative medicine or the substitute may have the required composition prescribed to you. Moreover, why even go to a medical store when you can purchase medicines from the comfort of your chair?

Now order your prescription medicines from Medi Assist and get them delivered to your preferred location in a simpler and faster way. Watch the above video to know how.

The Medi Assist advantage

Buying medicines from Medi Assist has several advantages.

  • Assured availability of prescription drugs
  • Genuineness of medicines
  • Attractive discounts on MRP of medicines
  • Multiple payment options including cash on delivery or cashless if the prescription is covered under your insurance policy

So, order your medicines on MediBuddy and save your precious time and money.

Medi Assist Forays Into Outpatient Healthcare Delivery With MediBuddy Infiniti

MediBuddy Infiniti_PRIn an interaction with the media persons in Bangalore, Prashant Jhaveri, Chief Business Officer and Satish Gidugu, COO, Medi Assist spoke about the new offering from the organization, MediBuddy Infiniti. This is what Satish had to share:

“What differentiates MediBuddy Infiniti in the market is our curated network of hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centres. On Infiniti, you will find services offered by partner providers and specialist doctors that Medi Assist members have historically preferred and trusted for their medical needs. Our focus is on showcasing trusted providers rather than merely maximizing the number of listings.”

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The Medi Assist Group, a managed healthcare organization, has launched MediBuddy Infiniti, the country’s first truly integrated online platform for discover, scheduling and management of curated  outpatient services. Infiniti brings together the might of 10,000+ trusted hospitals, diagnostics centres, medical clinics and authorized pharmacy partners in the Medi Assist Network to provide one-stop online platform for personalized outpatient services.

Medi Assist has delivered over 3 lakh health checks, 3 lakh+ outpatient consults and outpatient benefits of over INR 150 crores in the last fiscal.

Addressing media persons in Bangalore, Prashant Jhaveri, Chief Business Officer, Medi Assist said, “Seamless access to quality healthcare through the illness-to-wellness continuum at affordable prices is the need of the hour. We aim to leverage technology, partnerships and the magic of the human touch to deliver informed healthcare decisions to our members.”

Outpatient care is a recurring, and expensive, need for every family. A recent report by FICCI released in December 2015 suggests that primary healthcare accounts for over 70% of all medical spend and pegs the market at around INR 135,000 crores. The per capita spend of urban households on outpatient care is approximately INR 4,250 per person – a typical urban family of four adults, therefore, spends an average of INR 17,000/- per month on doctor consults, medicines and diagnostic labs.

With Infiniti, Medi Assist members will be able to discover, compare and schedule outpatient services of their choice, with a specialist doctor at their preferred network provider, at preferential pricing, on one comprehensive online platform.

Speaking about the latest offering, Satish Gidugu, COO, Medi Assist, said, “What differentiates MediBuddy Infiniti in the market is our curated network of hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centres. On Infiniti, you will find services offered by partner providers and specialist doctors that Medi Assist members have historically preferred and trusted for their medical needs. Our focus is on showcasing trusted providers rather than merely maximizing the number of listings.”

On MediBuddy Infiniti, Medi Assist members will find an exhaustive listing of OPD services including preventive care packages, health checks for chronic condition management, doctor consults and second opinion services, home healthcare, doorstep pharmacy, and other unique services such as genome mapping and instant doctor connect. Currently covering over 45 cities, Infiniti will grow both in depth of catalogue as well as reach across the country in the months to come.

Medi Assist’ inherent strength is its ability to help members reduce overall spend and convert their transactions into a cashless format. For example, over 50% of all inpatient claims administered are availed by their members in the cashless format.

Satish further added that, “Having worked relentlessly with our partners to simplify access and delivery of inpatient care in a cashless format, it is now time to move outpatient benefits into the cashless realm in a much bigger way. While the discounts offered by our partner providers reduce cost of care, these services can become completely cashless if the OPD expenses are covered under a health insurance policy or a sponsored corporate wellness program administered by Medi Assist.”

MediBuddy Gets Featured On Times of India

The Times of  IndiaPage  No 18 18 Oct 2016ChennaiMedi Assist’s tech-based self-help tool, MediBuddy, has gained significant recognition in recent times. The Times of India, after a recent interview with Prashant Jhaveri, Head Products and Strategy, Medi Assist, ran an article today on health tech startups in which MediBuddy has a significant mention. You can read the complete article here.




MediBuddy Infiniti Is Now Live!

MB_InfinitiMediBuddy∞, India’s first Curated Cashless Network for Outpatient Services is now live! You can now select and book your outpatient services such as health check packages and doctor consultations from a range of trusted health service providers brought together on one comprehensive platform. You can also order medicines that will be delivered to your doorstep by our authorized partners. And all you need to explore this network is your MediBuddy account.

So, discover a superior way of managing your outpatient services.

Discover MediBuddy Infiniti today!

Know Your Claim Status, Anytime and Anywhere

Inpatient hospitalization is the time when you are likely to opt for a cashless or reimbursement claim. In either case, tracking your claim becomes extremely important. For example, knowing whether your cashless request has been approved helps you in being prepared for your out-of-pocket expenses.

However, tracking claims in traditional ways can be time-consuming as you may spend significant time and effort calling up your contact centre or TPA trying to know the status of your claim. You may also end up anxiously awaiting a notification without having a clue about your claim status.

Why depend on them when there is a simpler, smarter and efficient way of tracking your claim? With the MediBuddy app, you can know the status of your claim in real-time. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

  • Download the MediBuddy app.
  • Click the ‘Claims’ tile.
  • Search for your claim number and click ‘details’ adjacent to the claim number to view the claim status.
  • You can alternately use your mobile browser to log into the MediBuddy portal and track your claim.

So, start tracking your claims the smarter way with MediBuddy. Watch this video to know more.