A Unique Approach to Customer Support at Medi Assist!

Our technology-driven approach and human-touch enable you to manage your healthcare in the most effective manner!

Touching lives, making a difference to our members, and becoming an indispensable part of their lives with meaningful solutions and offerings, is how we begin to define customer engagement at Medi Assist. Here, at Medi Assist, we always put our customers on the forefront. We are committed to helping you, our valued customer, make informed healthcare decisions.

Through our tech and touch approach, which includes our MediBuddy platform and a range of other digital and human touch points, we ensure that we are within reach whenever our customers need us.

  • MediBuddy: MediBuddy is a self-help tool that enables you to make independent decisions about your health and well-being. Available as a portal and an app, MediBuddy enables you to access a range of health and wellness-related services, at your fingertips.
  • CareRangers: Our CareRangers meet you at your chosen network hospital, put your family members at ease and help in addressing any concerns that you may have with respect to your claims or hospitalization
  • ChampCamp: ChampCamp is a novel and interactive initiative that combines health benefits and wellness with fun, games and social engagement to delight employees and create a lasting impact.
  • Corporate help desks: If your company has a TPA help desk, simply walk-over and ask our representative your queries!
  • Social media channels: We have an active presence on all major social media platforms, so you can connect with us at your leisure!
  • MediBuddy Infiniti Online Chat Option: MediBuddy Infiniti lets you access a range of outpatient services at your fingertips. If you find yourself having any queries, you can reach us through an online chat!
  • Customer Support (Toll free number/ dedicated email ID): You can always reach a customer support representative, 24×7, on 1800 425 9449. If you prefer to email, send us your queries on our dedicated email ID, gethelp@mahs.in.
  • Digital Help Desk: Simply login to MediBuddy, select your query type and give us a few details about your query, and we will get back to you at the earliest!

It is our endeavour to live by our philosophy of “Going beyond impersonal channels and personally touching lives each day in ways often unanticipated by our members.”

So, stay assured that we’re always around when you need us! Stay updated with the latest buzz at Medi Assist and get helpful tips and information related to your health insurance benefits on our blogs!

Book your Lab Test online, with MediBuddy Infiniti

When you accidentally prick your finger and you look at a drop of your blood, does it ever occur to you that what holds your gaze is actually a vast library of vital health related information?  Blood tests and other such diagnostic tests are often the first step to assess the health of the body and help uncover the first signs of disease and ill-health. The findings from lab tests can help catch critical changes in the body before they begin to manifest themselves, such as cardiac issues, cancer, diabetes and more.

Most of us undergo routine diagnostic tests as part of a variety of health check programs. Often, our doctors advise us for certain lab tests to help zero in on a disease. While we understand the importance of these tests, most of us will postpone that visit to the diagnostic centre due to paucity of time, or maybe just for the fear of needle pricks and ominous-looking machines!

MediBuddy Infiniti helps you solve for the former, by providing a platform that lets you book your preferred lab test online, from the diagnostic centres and path labs you trust, at a date and time which is convenient to you!

Through the newly launched Lab Test service, MediBuddy Infiniti adds yet another service to its list of outpatient offerings! MediBuddy Infiniti is your Curated Network for Cashless Outpatient Services, where users can enjoy the convenience of booking their preferred service from Health Checks, Medicines, Consultation, Home Health Care, Tele Consultation, Second Opinion, Genome Study, and now Lab Tests too!

For your preferred Lab test, you get to avail attractive inaugural discounts, and also the additional advantage of making your booking completely cashless, based on your policy cover!

Go ahead; book your first Lab Test on MediBuddy Infiniti!

A lot more is coming soon, just for you! So stay tuned…

Technology brings Healthcare One Step Closer to You

Technological breakthroughs are truly revolutionizing healthcare industry!

Nina had to schedule a knee surgery for an accident that she had over a year ago. She scheduled an appointment at the same hospital that she was admitted at after the accident. She carried all her X-rays and medical documents along with her, but was surprised to see that the doctor already had her medical records with him. Not just that, her surgery, post-surgery care and discharge was so quick and hassle-free, it was almost like her doctors had tailor-made the procedure to suit her needs exactly. This was made possible because of Health Information Technology (HIT), which manages, stores, transmits data across sectors and enables specialists to view and access medical records anytime. Health information technology has the potential to improve the health of individuals and the performance of providers, thereby yielding improved treatment quality, cost savings, and greater engagement by patients in their own healthcare.

When you think of technology affecting healthcare, you are most likely to think of advanced diagnostic tools or other cutting-edge remote medical procedures. What we don’t realize is that the same kind of technology and analytics that we use to organize our day-to-day lives or track multiple projects can also be used on a much larger scale in the healthcare industry! The healthcare sector is leveraging technology by the day to ensure an exceptional journey for customers. Technology makes healthcare and health care benefits accessible, efficient, easy-to-track and less expensive for everyone.

Breaking the Boundaries of Healthcare

Medi Assist, India’s largest TPA, currently serves over 15% of the Indian population. By way of our technology, sustained partnerships and human touch, we aim to cover a billion lives. Managing and processing claims for so many members has given us access to a vast amount of patient information. This information is invaluable to insurers as they can re-design their policies on the basis of the total costs, non-medical expenses and the benefits that are most used by the insured. This data can also be used by corporates when budgeting and planning for corporate health insurance policies and by governments for public health schemes.

We make all this and more possible through our award-winning platform, MediBuddy, which is at the forefront of all our technological initiatives. At the core, MediBuddy is a self-help tool that enables you to make independent decisions. Available as a portal and also as an app, MediBuddy puts healthcare where you spend the most amount of time – online! In addition to being able to manage your claims and plan your cashless hospitalization with eCashless, you can also access a range of health and wellness services, at your fingertips. Infiniti, on MediBuddy, enables customers to choose health check packages at convenient locations, order medicines to their door-step, book consultations with trusted specialists, and many more things.

At Medi Assist, we are constantly trying to use technology to innovate our health benefits administration services and healthcare offerings, so our members can have a delightful experience and lasting wellness!

So, what are you waiting for? Come on-board MediBuddy today and access a world of technology-empowered health services, at your fingertips

Leave no Room for Doubt


Ensure that your Customers Choose you !

In this tech-age, our members are increasingly choosing the most convenient way to plan their hospitalization; through our revolutionary eCashless service on the MediBuddy portal and app, where your customers are able to get a provisional pre-authorization even before stepping into your hospital. And on this platform, they get the flexibility to pick their network hospital based on their location, room type requirement and any other amenities that they feel are important to them.

Your hospital fits the requirements of your customers perfectly, and you may be just in their vicinity. But unless you showcase it to them, they would have no knowledge of the same.

Your endeavor must therefore be to present yourself on eCashless while your customer is making his choice. A sure shot manner, in which you can achieve this, is by completing your profile on MediBuddy+.

Simply update the following information:


When a customer chooses an eCashless hospitalization, a GPS enabled search helps to identify their location and give search results corresponding to the nearest hospitals that fall within the insurer network. If you are within reach, you must update your location in order to be seen on their eCashless page.


Rooms section on MediBuddy+ 

Your customers will be able to choose a room at your hospital based on:

  • The type of room and room rent
  • The number of beds available per room, and
  • The amenities available in the room.


By making all of the above information available upfront, you make it convenient for your customer to choose your hospital over others! 
Update your MediBuddy+ profile page today!

Log into hospital.medibuddy.in today!

For any queries, please write to hospital.medibuddy@mediassistindia.com.

Thrill your customers with all the information they seek!


All customers are unique, and have their own set of requirements for out-patient services such as medical tests, consultations and health checks. When it comes to making a choice of a health check package or a specialist, customers grade their preferences on different parameters; such as the list of tests in a package, rates and prices, doctor’s credentials, slot availability and so on….

In the universe of choices available today to Medi Assist members, you have the advantage of having qualified doctors on panel and health check packages at discounted tariffs, and MediBuddy+ lets you showcase this advantage on MediBuddy Infiniti, which is where our members are searching for you.

MediBuddy Infiniti is your curated network for outpatient services, where your potential customers get all the information they seek on one single platform. To be chosen by them, you must feature on that page where they are looking for you on MediBuddy Infiniti, which gets updated only when you complete your profile on MediBuddy+.

Update the Health Checks Section:
Simply populate the Health Checks page with the following details:

  • The type of health package available and its price
  • The tests and consultations covered in the package, and
  • Any necessary instructions that need to be followed


Update the Doctor’s Section:

Add the following details regarding your specialist doctors:

  • Qualifications and experience of the doctor
  • Area of core specialization
  • Consultation fees
  • Availability


Update the sections on Health Checks and Doctors on your profile page today to help your customers make a swift choice, at YOUR hospital!

Log into hospital.medibuddy.in today!

For any queries, please write to hospital.medibuddy@mediassistindia.com.

Don’t remain an Option for your Potential Customers, Become their Choice!


Hospitalization is an important decision for your customers. Be it for themselves, or for their loved ones, they are riddled with apprehensions and queries.

Screenshot of Hospital Profile page.

Screenshot of Hospital Profile page.

They begin their search with a range of parameters in mind, so that they are able to zero in on the best hospital that caters to their needs.

Even if your hospital has all the amenities that a customer is looking for, how do you make sure that you figure in their list? This is where your profile page on MediBuddy+ can help you!

Also, more and more Medi Assist members are choosing eCashlessfor the convenience and simplicity which they experience when opting for a planned hospitalization. For your hospital to be chosen by such customers, you must feature on that page where they are searching for you, which gets updated only when you update your profile on MediBuddy+.

With a completed profile page, you are able to provide your customers with all the information they are looking for at that critical moment when they are making a choice, so that they choose you over others.

A detailed profile page can help you showcase, everything that a potential customer would want to know before they make their final choice.

  • Showcase the health packages available to your customers along with package prices
  • Update your doctors’ profiles
  • Showcase the facilities and amenities available at your hospital
  • Upload photos of your room types available to your customers
  • Update your location, so that customers can find you easily through a quick network hospital search

Don’t lose out on the chance to turn up at the top of your customer’s list. Complete your MediBuddy+ profile page today!

Log into hospital.medibuddy.in to update your details today!

For any queries, please write to hospital.medibuddy@mediassistindia.com.

Planned hospitalization made easy with eCashless

Are you in the process of planning a hospitalization? Today, anything from ordering a meal from your favourite restaurant to booking a cab can be achieved with just a few clicks on your smartphone. When technology has made almost every single service so easily accessible, why should only healthcare take a backseat?

The agony of leaving your ailing relatives unattended while you wait at the hospital insurance desk makes the whole process of cashless hospitalization seem like a huge hassle. This apart, there is also a lot of anxiety about the estimated cost of treatment, availability of a preferred room type and the out-of-pocket expenses your family would have to incur. Book an eCashless request on MediBuddy, and get everything you need – provisional preauthorization and the estimated cost of treatment at your chosen network hospital – ahead of your planned hospitalization.

To avail eCashless, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Click the eCashless tile on MediBuddy and request for preauthorization at least 48 hours prior to your hospitalization. If you’ve pre-planned your hospitalization, why just stop at deciding the date? You can search for hospitals within your insurer’s network and filter them by location, specialties, amenities, room types, etc., and pick one that best matches your needs!

2. Receive a secure passcode confirming your provisional approval.

3. Present your passcode and your e-card at the hospital insurance desk on the date of admission.

4. Your network hospital will validate your passcode and give you the preauthorization approval letter instantly. Sign and submit the form along with a valid photo ID proof. And you are well on your way to a quick and easy cashless admission at the hospital.

5. Get green channelled into the allocated room for a hassle-free cashless treatment. With no worry on your mind, you can relax on the day of admission and focus on the one thing that you need to – a quick and speedy recovery.

Also, now you have the added advantage of managing your claims online and in real-time, with MediBuddy. There’s no need to make repeated phone calls to your TPA; start tracking your claims from anywhere, anytime with MediBuddy.

So, what are you waiting for? Raise an eCashless request with just a couple of clicks on MediBuddy, from the comfort of your home, and make the most of your health insurance policy benefits!

Track your Claims with the Click of a Button

If you have recently undergone hospitalization at a non-network hospital and are covered under a group/individual health insurance policy, you must have raised a reimbursement claim for your hospitalization expenses. Tracking claims in the traditional way can be extremely exasperating as you might have to spend significant time and effort calling up your contact centre or TPA to know the status of your claim.

Why go through all that unnecessary hassle when you have a simpler, smarter and more efficient way to track your claims? Medi Assist makes you self-reliant, giving you the power to track claims – anytime, anywhere, and in real-time using a range of channels.

Here are some quick ways in which you can track your claims:

1. Navigate to track.medibuddy.in

You can track your claims through our website by letting us know a few details related to your policy number, employee code, etc.

2. Click the Claims tile on your MediBuddy app

Download the MediBuddy app on your smart phone, click the ‘Claims’ tile and start tracking your claims, in real-time!

3. Explore MediBuddy on medibuddy.in

You can also navigate to the MediBuddy portal to track your claims instantly.

4. Drop us a message:

SMS ‘CLAIMS (Claim Number)’ to +91 96631 49992.

We understand that the information on the status of your claims is critical to you, and your needs are important to us! Sign up on MediBuddy to help us serve you better!

Health Services at your fingertips, with MediBuddy Infiniti

If you had to book an appointment with a doctor or schedule a health check, how would you go about it? Chances are that you will first ask your friends and family to refer a specialist to you. Next, you will probably have to tailor your schedule and free-up time for the appointment and for all follow-up appointments. Also, your chosen specialist might not be located at a place that’s feasible for you, and in this case, you will have to make arrangements to go all the way to the clinic/hospital.

But why should you let all your healthcare decisions be made for you? Thousands of people across the country are enjoying the comfort and convenience of booking outpatient services on MediBuddy Infiniti; it is time YOU switched too! MediBuddy Infiniti helps you select, compare and book your preferred outpatient health service from exhaustive listings of specialist doctors, trusted diagnostic centres and hospitals, as per your convenience! What’s more, you also get to avail these services at very attractive rates!

Here are the various offerings that you can access through MediBuddy Infiniti:

  • Health Check: Prevention is always better than cure. On MediBuddy Infiniti, not only can you select a health check package, but you can also compare and choose between packages to find one that exactly meets your needs.
  • Medicines: Why make a trip all the way to the pharmacy, when you can just have your medicines door-delivered? Order medicines online, today!
  • Consultations: Schedule a consultation with a specialist at a date and time that’s convenient for YOU! Not just that, you also get to choose your preferred location and price range! With so many options, there is no excuse to put off that appointment!
  • Home Health Care: If you or a loved one happens to need medical care at home, ease all troubles by arranging a home health care visit! You can relax knowing that help is coming to you!
  • Tele Consultation: Are you constantly putting off that appointment with the doctor due to a lack of time? With Tele Consultation, you can get in touch with a specialist over a call, at your preferred date and time, from anywhere!
  • Second Opinion: If you find yourself second-guessing your diagnosis, it’s best to consult a specialist for a second opinion. All you need to do is upload your medical documents on MediBuddy Infiniti, and our panel of specialists will review your case and send you a detailed report.
  • Genome Study: Choose from an exhaustive list of packages to understand your health better, right from the DNA level!

Just follow these simple steps to choose your outpatient service:

  • Log into infiniti.medibuddy.in with your MediBuddy credentials.
  • Choose your city and pick your preferred service.
  • Book an appointment and walk-in to the diagnostic centre/hospital on the scheduled date and time.
  • For Medicines, simply upload the prescription and get door-step delivery by our authorized partners!
  • Make your payment via a range of convenient options.

Go ahead and get yourself acquainted with MediBuddy Infiniti and access a world of wellness and outpatient health services at your fingertips.

Say Hello to better Data Management, with MediBuddy!

MediBuddy enables you to view and maintain all your customers’ policy data on a single platform!

You are efficient and fast, and love to keep your customers happy; that’s why you make one of the best health insurance agents! With an ever-increasing stream of customers, and multiple policies to handle, you often have to go that extra mile to help keep up your level of efficiency.

You have already experienced the convenience of going paperless with MediBuddy. However, if you’ve been maintaining policy data of Medi Assist customers on MediBuddy and using other data management platforms for non-Medi Assist customers, you would know that managing your work in this manner is hassling, takes time, effort and a whole lot of patience.

Now you can say goodbye to multiple data management tools. Your MediBuddy portal enables you to maintain all your customer policy details on one single platform. And this also includes policies that are not administered by Medi Assist!

Your MediBuddy enables you to:

  • Create your own preferred login to access all of MediBuddy’s features.
  • Add to the list of all your customers’ policies by clicking the policy list tile on MediBuddy.
  • Gain visibility into upcoming policy renewals of your customers.
  • Get real-time status of your customers’ claims.
  • Instantly download e-cards for any of your customers anytime, and from anywhere.
  • Set reminders to track and manage your customers’ policies.
  • Use a map-based search to locate a preferred network hospital in your vicinity or filter network hospitals by insurers.
  • Integrate your mobile number and email ID to obtain a reminder for a particular date through an SMS/email.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign-in today and start maintaining all your customers’ records on your exclusive agent portal, MediBuddy!


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