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Blending Tech, Touch & Intelligence to Deliver on All Fronts of Healthcare

Prashant Jhaveri, Head, Products and Strategy, Medi Assist Healthcare Services recently wrote an article for the Business World magazine in which he discussed how TPAs are transforming from being just organizations that process  laims, into partners who help organizations solve for all realms of healthcare. He also discussed how organizations can choose a TPA partner […]

Medi Assist Aims at Optimizing Maternity Costs

An article by Medi Assist on how we leverage technology and networking prowess to help parents-to-be optimize their expenditure and maximize convenience during maternity, recently appeared in the newspaper. Click here to read the complete article.

Me.MediBuddy.in: The Freedom to Enjoy Seamless Access to Health Benefits

At Medi Assist, we believe that self-help is empowering; and the rapid adoption of MediBuddy, our self-help technology platform, is a testament to this fact. MediBuddy, available both as an online portal as well as a mobile app, is today actively used by several million users; and we continue to add over 50,000 new users […]

Leave No Room for Doubt… Ensure That Your Customers Choose You!

In this tech-age, our members are increasingly choosing the most convenient way to plan their hospitalization; through our revolutionary eCashless service on the MediBuddy portal and app, where your customers are able to get a provisional pre-authorization even before stepping into your hospital. And on this platform, they get the flexibility to pick their network […]

Thrill Your Customers With All The Information They Seek!

                    All customers are unique and have their own set of requirements for out-patient services such as medical tests, consultations, and health checks. When it comes to making a choice of a health check package or a specialist, customers grade their preferences on different parameters; such as […]

Your Profile gives You the Power to be Discovered

Now that you are familiar with the versatility of MediBuddy+, the next step is to leverage the unique features of MediBuddy+ to increase your discoverability among potential customers. The profile that you create on MediBuddy+ is almost like a ‘feeder’ to the platform where 14 million Medi Assist members and your potential customers are converging […]

We have some Good News!

MediBuddy+ has now morphed into India’s first integrated portal for management of in-patient claims and out-patient services. 4500+ hospitals, just like you, bank on MediBuddy+ to manage all their cashless claims. We are happy to add another dimension to our engagement with you. 4500+ hospitals, just like you, bank on MediBuddy+ to manage all their […]

Obtain Pre-authorization within Minutes With eCashless

You have been advised a surgery by your doctor for a minor fracture. You are aware that you can avail cashless hospitalization at a network hospital covered under your insurer. However, obtaining pre-authorization on the day of admission can be a long and painful process as chances are that you may have to stand in […]

Making Hearts Smile

Medi Assist now has a Theme Song! Titled “Making Hearts Smile”, this tune exudes the Medi Assist philosophy of making healthcare affordable, accessible, and actionable for everyone of our 140 million members. What makes this theme song so much more special is that it is composed in-house; the tune is conceptualized and directed by some […]