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A pinch of salt can eliminate brain damage!

Iodine deficiency produces adverse effects which is widespread in a population. Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder Prevention Day, observed on 21st October, is a global awareness campaign that focuses on reducing the spread of iodine deficiency disorder and to educate the public about the disease. Inadequate supply of iodine can cause a health condition called iodine deficiency […]

Stroke isn’t a death sentence!

One afternoon, Manish was helping his wife clean their house and while lifting some boxes, he felt weakness in his right hand and leg. He sat on a chair and rested while assuming that the pain was due to the heavy boxes he carried. A week later, he had another feeling of weakness when he […]

Manage diabetes by eating healthy!

Nishant weighed 125 kgs when he was led to believe that bariatric surgery was a solution for his type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Most of his life, he had consumed nutrition-sparse diet, high in sugars and refined carbohydrates. But after his feet started to go numb, a sign of nerve damage […]

AIDS: Early detection, best prevention!

One fine day, Tilak started facing severe flu-like symptoms. Five months later, he was diagnosed with a Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection. He started taking medicines, one pill daily. And within two months his viral load became undetectable. Tilak is very open about his diagnosis, eats well, exercises often and is in good health now. He […]

Disability shouldn’t be a denial of opportunity!

How many of us get uncomfortable when we come across someone who is disabled or differently abled? We either feel sorry for them and assume that they are bitter about their disabilities or are afraid to say the wrong thing. This is not true! Differently abled people are enriched by their experiences with their disabilities […]

Floods: Dealing with the Aftermath

Floods are devastating in more ways than one. And the receding waters leave behind more misery in their wake. Water-borne and vector-borne disease outbreaks are common public health consequences of flooding. Water-borne diseases: Due to contaminated flood water infecting water sources, flooding may lead to water borne diseases such as the following: Diarrhoea Cholera Typhoid […]

Manage your health with regular health check-ups!

Whenever we hear about staying healthy and fit our mind never wanders towards visiting a doctor or a hospital. Although, we think about eating healthy and exercising properly but going to a doctor is associated with being sick. What we should know is visiting our doctor for regular health screening can help us identify risk […]

Leprosy: A treatable infection!

Leprosy (Hansen’s disease), one of the oldest diseases known to mankind, is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae. It is communicable and is generally spread through close and repeated contact with nose and mouth droplets from a person suffering from it. Leprosy affects the skin, the peripheral nerves, mucosa of the upper respiratory tract […]

Cancer: Not an end of the world!

Prasad was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer at age 59. He didn’t lose hope. He didn’t sit around all day waiting for the next test. He tried everything he could to live as healthy a life as possible. When the right time came, he underwent surgery and radiation treatment. Now, he sticks to a low-fat […]