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Your Profile gives You the Power to be Discovered

Now that you are familiar with the versatility of MediBuddy+, the next step is to leverage the unique features of MediBuddy+ to increase your discoverability among potential customers. The profile that you create on MediBuddy+ is almost like a ‘feeder’ to the platform where 14 million Medi Assist members and your potential customers are converging […]

We have some Good News!

MediBuddy+ has now morphed into India’s first integrated portal for management of in-patient claims and out-patient services. 4500+ hospitals, just like you, bank on MediBuddy+ to manage all their cashless claims. We are happy to add another dimension to our engagement with you. 4500+ hospitals, just like you, bank on MediBuddy+ to manage all their […]

Obtain Pre-authorization within Minutes With eCashless

You have been advised a surgery by your doctor for a minor fracture. You are aware that you can avail cashless hospitalization at a network hospital covered under your insurer. However, obtaining pre-authorization on the day of admission can be a long and painful process as chances are that you may have to stand in […]

Making Hearts Smile

Medi Assist now has a Theme Song! Titled “Making Hearts Smile”, this tune exudes the Medi Assist philosophy of making healthcare affordable, accessible, and actionable for everyone of our 140 million members. What makes this theme song so much more special is that it is composed in-house; the tune is conceptualized and directed by some […]

Network Hospital Search Made Easy

Deepa is pregnant and she has just completed her first trimester. Being a smart woman, she knows which doctor she should consult during her pregnancy, what diet she should follow, what exercises she should do, and where she should get her scans done during her pregnancy. She has even planned her delivery in advance. She […]

The Changing Face of TPAs

Prashant Jhaveri, Head, Products and Strategy, Medi Assist Healthcare Services, was recently interviewed by Healthcare Radius, a healthcare magazine for Indian healthcare professionals. Discussing about changing face of health insurance third party administrators (TPA), this is what he had to say: “TPAs are an integral part of the rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem – they are the bridge […]

Save on Your Maternity Costs With eCashless

Nina was overjoyed when she learnt that she was going to have a baby. At night, she lay awake dreaming of the endless cuddles, the cute little outfits and the warm feel of her new-born as she would hold it. But she also realized that preparing for motherhood also meant numerous visits to her gynaecologist, […]

Save Time on Your Hospitalization with eCashless

Time is of paramount importance when it comes to hospital admission. The prospect of going through the apparently time-consuming process of claims registration or obtaining pre-authorization for cashless hospitalization can seem to be a daunting task for a person who is already in the throes of a potential hospitalization. Pre-authorization at the time of hospitalization […]

‘Namaskar’! Medi Assist website Is Now Available in Marathi!

At Medi Assist, we understand the importance of communication and believe in reaching out to the masses. More often than not, communicating in one’s mother tongue is what proves to be the ice-breaker and helps one connect with people. Health benefits of an insurance policy is often a complex matter to grasp, but it is something […]