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Fast-track your Reimbursement Claim

When it comes to reimbursement claims, an endless wait-time for settlement almost comes as a given!  Several challenges may be involved in the processing of claims, which often require additional details and documents on the treatment in question. Multiple back and forth with couriers can add to the hassle and to top it all, the […]

Buraa na Maano, Holi Hai!

Holi, the festival of colours, brings back so many fond memories of our childhood. Remember how our mothers would warn us about safeguarding our eyes? And staying away from those troublesome boys who would smear everyone with those oh-so-difficult-to-remove silver and gold colours? The kids would have heated debates on which colour should be added […]

2016 – A Rewarding Year!

2016 has been a great year for MediBuddy, our technology platform that binds the entire health benefits ecosystem together. We received encouraging reviews from our members and recognition from various quarters of the industry, including the following: CIO 100 Information Mastermind award SKOCH Silver Award for Cloud, Mobility and Apps SKOCH Order of Merit Award for Innovation CIO […]

Benefit from Cost Reduction in Stents: Move away from Open Billing towards Package Pricing

In the light of recent notification by National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) on the reduction of cost of cardiac stents,here is an article on how Medi Assist members can benefit from this notification. The article also touches upon how Medi Assist members can insulate themselves from potential variation in cost of procedure by opting for […]

How MediBuddy turned Rajni into a Celebrity!

  Rajni had been noticing that her boss, Jagdish, had seemed preoccupied the past couple of weeks. He was missing important deadlines, and was generally keeping aloof. Not one to meddle in others’ business, Rajni kept out of his way but the sudden change in her boss’s demeanor concerned her.   As Jagdish approached her […]

The Heart of the Matter

In our previous blog, we shared the announcement made by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) on the reduction of stent prices by up to 85%, reducing the financial impact of hospitalization on the families of patients undergoing an angioplasty surgery. Here is a follow up Recent news articles seem to suggest that hospitals and […]

Valentine’s Day made Special for the Heart

Now here’s an unexpected Valentine’s Day gift for angioplasty patients. The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has, with immediate effect from 14 February 2017, capped the prices of drug eluting stent at INR 29,600/- and that of bare metal stents at INR 7,260/- — slashing costs by as much as 85 percent. All stent manufacturers […]

How Managed Care helps Optimize Medical Spend

Prashant Jhaveri, Chief Business Officer, Medi Assist  recently wrote an article for the Silicon India in which he discussed about the concept of Managed Care Organisation (MCO) and its importance in the Indian Healthcare Ecosystem. He also discussed about the various techniques deployed by MCOs to promote informed decision making and reduce overall cost of care […]

Budget should enhance limits available under Section 80D

Prashant Jhaveri, Chief Business Officer, Medi Assist, shared his thoughts on the various reforms to be considered with regard to the Health Benefits industry in the upcoming 2017-’18 budget. Scroll down to read the complete article, or click here. The Union Budget will be a crucial one in the light of reform initiatives undertaken by the […]