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IRDA License No: 003 & ISO
CIN: U85199KA1999PTC025676
Phone - 080 - 26584811 (5 Lines)
Toll Free - 1-800-425-9449 (India Only)
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We provide Cashless Hospitalization for our customers through a network of Healthcare Service Providers across India. Healthcare Service Providers in the form of hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, etc. form the vital façade of our services in the process of Cashless Hospitalization

Currently, we have over 4000 such Health Care Service providers in our network and we continue to add more service providers to widen the presence of cashless healthcare delivery points.

Interested Healthcare Service providers shall sign an MOU with Medi Assist to become a member of the Medi Assist Network. Thereby, they can become points of presence to deliver cashless hospitalization to Medi Assist card holders as per the Cashless Hospitalization Procedure.



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