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IRDA License No: 003 & ISO
CIN: U85199KA1999PTC025676
Phone - 080 - 26584811 (5 Lines)
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Large Corporate, in recent times, have opted to insure their employees under various health insurance schemes rather than serving through a self-funded health scheme.

TPA Services:

Under Regular TPA Services, we offer the following: Enrolment of insured employees and their families
  • Issue of Health Insurance ID cards to the insured employees and families
  • Enabling cashless hospitalization for employees and their families
  • Healthcare Claims Processing
  • Analysis of claim data pertaining to the corporate

As a part of these services, we enter into Service Level Agreements for issuing ID Cards, turn around Time for Reimbursement Claim Settlement, & turn around time for Pre-Authorization response, and endeavour to honor the same.

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