This Year, Appoint MediBuddy as your Personal Manager for Health Benefits

MediBuddy_corporate-logoIt’s a brand new year…are you still using the old, tedious methods to manage your health insurance benefits? Thousands of people across the country are enjoying the comfort and convenience of MediBuddy; it is time YOU switched too!

The MediBuddy platform, which is available both as a portal and an app, is a powerful self-help tool that not only helps you manage your health insurance benefits, but also helps you reduce the overall cost of healthcare for yourself and your family. It gives you access to a host of benefits related to your health insurance and wellness.

With MediBuddy, you can:

  • Explore details of your Policy
  • Enroll yourself and your beneficiaries under your policy
  • Plan your hospitalization and obtain a provisional preauthorization even before the date of hospitalization through eCashless
  • Raise and manage claims online in a hassle-free way
  • Track your claims in real time
  • Locate network hospitals through a GPS based search
  • View and download e-cards on-the-go
  • Order medicines to your doorstep, and do much more…

Still thinking? Why not give MediBuddy a try and explore for yourself!

Sign up on to activate your account.

Download the MediBuddy app today by clicking these links.  applewindoandro

Or visit You can also give a missed call on 1800 3010 1696 and we’ll send the download link to your phone.

Welcome to The New and Improved MediBuddy+ v3.3

health-careAs our health service provider partners, you have been using the MediBuddy+ portal for hassle-free claims management processes. We have some good news for you! We have made your MediBuddy+ portal even better!

The MediBuddy+ v3.3 has the following notable features:

Finance Reconciliation

One of the pain points for you has been offline reconciliation. The claims reconciliation cycle is now completely online, and you can accept/dispute issues in real time.

Documents Tracking

No more issues of lost documents! If you have submitted the original claims documents to Medi Assist, you can update the tracking number/acknowledgement number online.

Pre-authorization Cancellation

You can now cancel a pre-authorized claim if the patient for whom the claim has been raised is not hospitalized.

Enhanced Dashboard

View and download claims details in real time.

Enhanced Profile page

You are in for a much better experience and a faster, more responsive online portal. You can also preview your profile page and view the profile completion status.

So, log onto your enhanced MediBuddy+ portal today to explore and enjoy a superior experience.

Yet to configure your MediBuddy+ profile? Make a start this New Year! Hop on board now on!

Now Access All Your Agent Portal Features on MediBuddy App

MediBuddy appAs a health insurance agent, you are an important partner to us who ensures that the Medi Assist advantage reaches our retail customers. We had created the MediBuddy agent portal exclusively for you to make your life simpler and empower you with all the information you need to serve your customers better.

We just made the features of the portal more accessible to you, through the MediBuddy app! Some of them include:

• The ability to create your own preferred login to access the portal
• Visibility into your customers and their policies. You can also know when their policies are due for renewal.
• Ability to obtain real-time status of your customers’ claims
E-card downloads for your customers anytime and from anywhere
• Map-based search to locate a preferred network hospital or ability to filter network hospitals by insurers
• Better data management of Medi Assist and non-Medi Assist customers.

All you need to do is download the MediBuddy app and sign in with your login credentials.

So, take advantage of the improved accessibility! And take control of your customers’ health benefits anytime and from anywhere.

Go Hassle-free This New Year with eCashless

ecashlessWith the New Year here, most of us already have new health-related goals. Achieving these goals require a few lifestyle changes. It requires that we shed a few old habits and pick up a few new and positive ones. Why not begin with changing the way you plan your hospitalization?

Planning inpatient admission has gone through a sea of change over the years. People are gradually moving away from reimbursements towards cashless services in most cases of hospitalization due to the convenience the latter offers. With cashless hospitalization, people can conveniently avail inpatient services at network hospitals with minimum out-of-pocket expenses, which translates to significant savings.

This year, go one step further. Choose convenience over concern for booking your cashless admission. Choose eCashless from Medi Assist. The eCashless service available on the MediBuddy app and portal has several advantages over the traditional cashless admission. You can:

  • Eliminate spending time standing in the queue at the insurance desk at the hospital on the day of admission to get an approval
  • Obtain a provisional preauthorization from the comfort of your home or office
  • Have visibility of the estimated cost of treatment beforehand, which means that you can plan your out-of-pocket costs in advance
  • Request your preferred type of room, and
  • Track the claim status anytime and from anywhere.

So, move ahead with the times. Begin the New Year with a new way of opting for your inpatient hospitalization. Choose eCashless!