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A World of New User Experience with MediBuddy+ v2.0

The MediBuddy+ portal for hospitals empowers you to move your entire claims management process online. From raising pre-authorization requests online for eCashless claims to enjoying faster settlement of outstanding claims, MediBuddy+ helps you extend cashless hospitalization to your patients with great ease.

Now,we are bringing to you MediBuddy+ v2.0, with improved features and a whole new user experience.

What has changed?

The following are a few feature improvements available now in your MediBuddy+.

1. Notifications

The new notifications tile automatically notifies you about new addition to claims or change in claim status, beginning from logging a new cashless/eCashless claim up to the claim being settled in case of approval.The notification tile also notifies you about the claims that have been approved, denied as well as claims being processed.

Apart from being updated about change in claim status, you can perform several necessary actions, which include raising enhancement costs for additional inpatient treatment, submitting missing documents and discharge documents.

2. Simpler claims search

The new version of MediBuddy+ offers you a simplified and unified claims search, instead of having multiple and distributed filters. The various search criteria include claim number, patient name, inpatient number and NEFT/UTR number. Besides a unified search, you can also search for claim details using the claim status including active claims, claims for which documents are awaited and claims that have been settled.Besides these, you can update patient’s date of discharge.

3. Submit discharge anytime

If you have found it difficult to submit a patient’s discharge on the tool when a patient’s claim was already being processed, you can now relax. You can now submit the patient’s discharge at any point of time, irrespective of whether an earlier claim is under process or not.

So, welcome to MediBuddy+ v2.0!! Welcome to a whole different world of user experience.

Plan Your Hospital Admission with eCashless

surgery-688378Ramya from Kanyakumari has been advised by the doctor in the outpatient department (OPD) to transfer her husband to the inpatient department for surgery in the coming week. Being a person who manages everything in the family in a planned way, she wants to convert her husband’s outpatient-to-inpatient transfer into planned hospitalization. For this, she chooses the eCashless facility from Medi Assist.

Ramya logs onto the MediBuddy app on her smartphone and submits an eCashless request for her husband’s surgery well in advance of the hospitalization. Medi Assist instantly gets a notification of the request and forwards the request to the concerned hospital. The hospital sends Medi Assist an estimated cost of treatment.

Medi Assist next validates the request and sends a provisional pre-authorization along with a secure passcode to Ramya. Medi Assist also sends her the approximate cost and approved cost for the surgery. Ramya can track all this on MediBuddy and plan accordingly for the co-pay in advance.

On the day of admission, all she needs to do is take her husband to the hospital along with an e-card and photo ID and within a few minutes, her husband will be green-channeled into the operation theatre.

She can also raise reimbursement claims for the pre and post hospitalization costs as well as track her claims using the MediBuddy portal.
You too can plan your outpatient-to-inpatient transfer in a planned way with eCashless. So, opt for eCashless and plan your hospitalization today.

CareRangers – The Army of Goodwill Ambassadors who Care for You

care coordinatorTouching lives, making a difference to our members, and becoming an indispensable part of everyone’s lives with meaningful solutions and offerings, is how we begin to define customer engagement at Medi Assist.

One of the most crucial touch points for us as your health benefits and wellness partner is in-patient hospitalization – the time when you or one of your loved ones is admitted at a hospital; the time when you utilize our core service, cashless hospitalization; and the time at which, more than anything else, you look forward to some reassurance that everything will soon be alright.

For the first time in the health benefits industry, we present CareRangers, our ambassadors whose sole mission is to personally touch you and your family and enquire about your well-being during a hospitalization.

Who is a CareRanger?

Think of our CareRanger as a friend who calls upon you during a hospitalization in your family and gives you timely help with matters related to your cashless hospitalization. Our CareRangers meet you at your network hospital, put your family members reasonably at ease and help in addressing any concerns you may have with respect to your claims.

Before they take leave, our CareRangers ensure that you are equipped with one or more of our channels for self-help to track claims and also manage your health benefits with ease in future. For example, you may learn about how you can track your claims using our MediBuddy mobile app, or how you can opt for an eCashless hospitalization in case of recurring treatments for chronic conditions or how even your senior relatives can get an instant update on your claim by simply sending an SMS to our registered mobile number.

Our CareRanger initiative has already touched hundreds of lives in several cities around the country and the response from our member has ranged from happiness to extreme delight! It is our endeavour to continue to live by our philosophy of “Going beyond impersonal channels and personally touching lives each day in ways often unanticipated by our members.”

Eliminate Waiting Time at the Hospital Insurance Desk With eCashless

ecashless-medibuddy-2David from Mumbai needs to take his father to the hospital for dialysis every week. He already knows where he needs to take him for his dialysis. He wants to choose cashless hospitalization but he also knows that it involves standing in a long queue at the hospital insurance desk. Being a recurring treatment, David does not want to stand in the queue every week to get his father’s dialysis done.

Instead, he chooses the eCashless facility, an innovative option available for Medi Assist members for planning their hospitalization. With eCashless, he knows he can skip the long wait at the hospital insurance desk every week. Instead, he can avail the cashless facility from the comfort of his home.

Being a smartphone user, David opens the MediBuddy app and submits an eCashless request for his father’s treatment. He uploads the doctor’s diagnosis, prescription, and other details to avail the facility. In a few hours, his claim is provisionally approved by Medi Assist and a secure passcode is sent to him.

On the day of treatment, David takes his father to the hospital, along with an e-card and photo ID, presents the secure passcode for eCashless at the insurance desk. The hospital uses the passcode to unlock the approval letter. David’s father is green-channeled into the dialysis room within minutes. This way, David completely cuts down his waiting time at the insurance desk.

Should you or any of your family members need to obtain recurring treatment, you too can eliminate the waiting time at the hospital’s insurance desk for a recurring treatment. Just download the MediBuddy app on your phone and opt for the eCashless facility today.

Nurturing the TPA Industry

budgetThe Union budget for the financial year 2016-17 was presented by the Union finance minister today. In this context, Prashant Jhaveri, Head of products and strategy at Medi Assist, was recently quoted in India Infoline and Financial Chronicle. Speaking about the growth of the TPA industry, Prashant highlighted the growth trajectory of the retail segment and also touched upon the likely investments required by the industry in the years to come.

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Plan Your Hospitalization Costs with eCashless

eCashless_logoChetan from Bhopal has been advised to undergo a surgery for his broken ankle. He also knows where he can get the surgery done. However, he does not know the exact cost of the surgery and what portion of the cost will be covered by his insurance policy so that he can arrange the remaining amount. Moreover, he cannot stand in a long queue at the hospital insurance desk in his present physical condition.

Fortunately, his friend is aware of the eCashless facility from Medi Assist which can help Chetan avail cashless hospitalization from the comfort of his house. He also knows that when he requests the eCashless facility, along with obtaining cashless treatment, he will also get to know the approximate amount covered by his policy. So, he recommends eCashless to Chetan.

Chetan logs onto the MediBuddy app and raises an eCashless request. Once Medi Assist receives this request, the request is forwarded to the hospital. Based on the recommended treatment, the hospital sends intimation to Medi Assist regarding the expected expenses for the treatment. Once this is received, Medi Assist applies Chetan’s policy terms and conditions in order to calculate the provisionally approved amount for his ankle surgery. Chetan can view this on his MediBuddy app. This gives him an idea about the amount he should arrange for the surgery and plan his sources accordingly.

You don’t need to visit the hospital to avail cashless facility. You can avail it from the comfort of your home and get an idea about the approved amount for your treatment. Just download the MediBuddy app or log into to request eCashless today.