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Dr. S. Chiranjeevi Reddy and Satish Gidugu at the launch of, Medi Assist’s portal for retail policy holders

January 29th 2016 was a monumental day for Medi Assist with the launch of, the portal by Medi Assist aimed at retail policy holders. The MediBuddy retail portal aims at giving retail policy holders complete charge of their health benefit management and give them access to various self-help features.

Dr. S Chiranjeevi Reddy, DGM of New India Assurance launched the MediBuddy portal for retail policy holders. Also present during the launch were Ms. Neerja Kapur, Regional Manager, Mr. JK Rao, Health Manager and Dr. Sunil Nakka, New India Assurance. The MediBuddy retail portal is the first portal in the country to provide retail policy holders complete access to their health benefits.

Medi Assist has set another precedent in the industry. The Portal That Puts You at The Centre of Our Universe

If you are serviced by Medi Assist under your group insurance policy, you may have already experienced our MediBuddy online portal and app. However, if you are a retail policy holder, you will not be completely exposed to the MediBuddy online portal due to limited access. As part of group policy, you are already assigned user credentials which you can use to gain access and manage your health benefits and services. However, as a retail policy holder, you do not have the necessary credentials to gain access. This means that you have no control over how you manage your health benefits.

Now for the first time in the industry, retail policy holders who are serviced by Medi Assist can claim access to their own online portal.

Welcome to, the portal that empowers every retail policy holder to take full charge of their health benefit management and give them access to various self-help features.

How can you do this?

Claiming your online portal is a 3-step simple process. Simply follow the steps given below.

1. Identify yourself

a. Visit our online portal
b. Enter your Medi Assist ID (MAID) or your health insurance policy number.
c. Enter your full name as mentioned in your policy document and your date of birth in the DD-MM-YYYY format.
d. Click Identify. MediBuddy identifies you and retrieves your basic profile information.

2. Complete your profile

a. Click the pencil icon to edit your profile.
b. Do enter your correct mobile number and email ID. Your secure one-time password (OTP), which is mandatory to confirm your login, will be sent to them.

3. Claim your preferred login!

a. Create your own account with your preferred username and password and sign up!
b. You will receive the OTP to your registered email ID and mobile number. Use this OTP to confirm your profile and claim your preferred login.
c. You can then use these credentials to login from the next time onwards.

The advantage

• With, you have the freedom to create your own personalized credentials.
• Find our network hospitals close to your preferred location.
• Maintain your health records online and gain access to several healthcare and wellness services such as E-Card, prescription medicine and many more from the end of your fingertips.

With, you can completely change the way you go for cashless hospitalization. Try our eCashless service to gain a pre-authorization well ahead of your hospitalization.

So, try now and gain control over all your health benefits and wellness!!

4 Easy Steps to Speed-up Your Reimbursement Claim Settlement

health insuranceClaiming reimbursement for hospitalization may not be a straightforward task as there may be several challenges involved in processing your claims. There may be times when you may be required to submit additional details or documents, and additional information on the treatment. Moreover, the claim processing begins only after all your documents have been received in full. The time taken during the entire process can be stressful.

How would it be if you could enjoy a faster settlement of your reimbursement claim? Would it reduce your worries? Medi Assist can help you in doing this. All you need to do is intimate us of your upcoming claim online before the hospital discharge and upload your documents online on discharge. An advance notification of a reimbursement claim helps us to be ready, and uploading your documents online helps us start working towards your claim processing immediately.

How do you fast-track your reimbursement claim?

Fast-tracking your reimbursement claim is now simple. Just follow the steps below and we will help in settling your claims faster.

• Notify us in advance of your upcoming claim. Go to your MediBuddy app or and click the ‘Reimbursement’ tile. Fill in the details and click ‘Intimate’. You can also intimate us about your upcoming claim by logging on to the MediBuddy online portal.

• For submitting all your documents online for a reimbursement claim, login to the online portal and fill up the necessary details. Just take a picture of your documents and upload them onto the portal.

• Once you have uploaded your documents online, we will check if we have received all the necessary documents. We will intimate you in case of any missing/additional documents that may be required, so that you can upload them before you courier us all the required documents. This will help you eliminate sending couriers multiple times and stop worrying about unnecessary delays.

• Medi Assist begins the process of settling your claims once you upload the scanned copies of documents on MediBuddy. However, do not forget to send us the hard copy of all your bills and documents you have uploaded within 15 days from the date of discharge, as claims can be settled only upon receipt and validation of the hard copies.

So, what are you waiting for? Fast-track your claim reimbursement process today.

3 Simple Ways to Track Your Claim in Real-time

health insuranceTracking claims becomes extremely important if you plan to raise a claim for hospitalization. If you plan to opt or cashless hospitalization, pre-authorization is an important process that determines whether you qualify for cashless hospitalization. Depending on the sum assured for your treatment, you can be prepared with the amount you have to pay from your pocket including co-pay. On the other hand, if you plan to raise a reimbursement claim, you are bound to go through significant amount of paperwork before your claim gets settled. The claim settlement may also get delayed due to insufficient or incorrect records. Tracking your claim in all these scenarios becomes absolutely necessary so that you can plan your next step in advance.

But, making a claim and tracking it using traditional ways can be quite overwhelming as you may end up spending significant time trying to track it without obtaining a satisfactory response.

Now you have a smarter and efficient way of tracking your claim in real-time using the various options Medi Assist provides. Want to check the status of a reimbursement claim or want to know if your request for cashless hospitalization has been approved before hospitalization? We can help you do this in real-time and from anywhere.

How can you do this?

Medi Assist provides several options to help you keep track of your claim based on your Claim number, Medi Assist ID, email address or mobile number. Here are the options you can use.

– Use your MediBuddy app and click the ‘Claims’ tile. Enter your claim number and other details to track your claim. Alternately, you can use your mobile browser or go online to track your claim on

– You can also go to and enter your details to search for your claim details.

– Opting for our SMS alerts is another good way of keeping track of your claim. Just SMS Claims [Claim Number] to +91 96631 49992 to obtain real-time status of your claim.

So, why lose sleep on inconvenient claim tracking processes? Self-help is empowering. Choose one of the aforementioned options and keep track of your claim in real-time.

Now Order Medicines to Your Doorstep


Falling sick and getting treated is an inescapable part of life. And with treatment comes prescription medicines, which can be bought from a medical store close to you. But there is no guarantee that the medicines prescribed to you are available at the medical store. There is also no guarantee that the alternate medicine provided by the pharmacist has the required composition prescribed to you. Moreover, why go to a medical store when it can come to you?

Now you can just order your prescription medicines from us and get it delivered to your doorstep in a simpler and faster way.


This is how you can do it

• Go to the MediBuddy online portal and click the ‘Medicines’ tile.

• Enter the patient details, delivery address where the medicines need to be delivered, and preferred time of delivery.

• Upload a copy of your valid prescription. Search for your prescribed medicines and place the order.

Medicines will be handed over to you upon validating the original prescription.

Why order from us?

While you can go and buy your prescription medicines from your closest medical store, here are the advantages of ordering your medicines from us.

• Assured availability of prescription and specialty drugs.

• Genuineness of the medicines you are buying from us.

• Attractive discounts on MRP on the medicines you are buying.

• Multiple payment options – Cash on delivery, credit card, Medi Assist prepaid card, or cashless if the prescription is covered under the insurance.

So, why wait in a queue at the medical store without the surety of getting the prescribed medicine? Order from us, and save your precious time and money.

3 Simple Steps to Maintain Your Personal Health Records Safely

How do you usually maintain your health records? We bet, you maintain a file of all the prescriptions, scans and tests, health screening reports, discharge summaries, and store it in a safe place. However, there are several problems associated with maintaining physical records. One problem is that you must be extremely organized in order to make sure that you keep the records in the same file in the same location every time you take it out. If not, they can never be found when you need them the most due to misplacement. Another problem is that paper can deteriorate over the years. You may even end up losing an important record and this may prove costly to you. Do not forget about the cumbersome process of carrying a physical record with you every time you travel.

Now, it is simpler to maintain all the health records in one place and never lose them again. Moreover, you can access your record anytime and from any place you want. How can you do it? Simply use the MediBuddy app or online portal.

How does it work?

• Go to your MediBuddy online portal, click on the ‘Records’ tile and sign into your account.

• Upload all the records onto the secured digital repository. In order to scan the documents, simply take a picture of them.

• Whenever you need to access any of these records, sign in or just enter your details to access them. You can view your documents on the MediBuddy app and download them from the online portal.

So, say good bye to the inconvenient ways of storing your health records. Switch to secure and efficient ways of storing them securely and accessing them anytime and from anywhere.

Have you tried a Planned eCashless Hospitalization?

eCashless has something for everyone in the health insurance ecosystem. For you and me, eCashless offers a hassle-free method to get a provisional preauthorization before hospitalization using your MediBuddy app. For hospitals, eCashless the a great way to plan reservations and improve patient experience. And for the health insurance industry, eCashless means taking one definitive step into the future – a future driven by technology, mobility and extreme customer delight.

Here is how it works!!

Step 1


Step 2
Step 3

Read the whole story here-
Medi Assist introduces ‘eCashless’ feature to book cashless hospitalization

Medi Assist India Revolutionizes Cashless Hospitalization with eCashless

Medi Assist launches eCashless, a feature on their MediBuddy mobile app that allows members to plan a cashless hospitalization from the comfort of their homes before being admitted to hospital. Instead of queuing up at the hospitals, preauthorization request can be raised in just a few clicks. Member receives a secure passcode on the mobile app, straightaway walk into the hospital and presents the secure passcode along with a valid photo ID proof.

With the launch of eCashless, both the patient and the hospital are able to plan the hospitalization comfortably and well in advance. This marks one more step to improve our customer experience at the time of hospitalization.


Click here to see our eCashless video :

The world is discovering  eCashless . Click the link below to read more:



Reimbursement Claims


eCashless from Medi Assist

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Planned Hospitalization

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Visit Medi Assist

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Say hello to eCashless


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